It's the capital of Iran with a population of over 12,000,000 inhabitants. With an area of about 700 square kms it's the largest city in Iran and Western Asia. The city has been built on the foot of Alborz Mountains. Prior to 18th century it was considered a village near the city of Rey which now is a district of Tehran. In the history Tehran is mentioned as a village with beautiful gardens full of fruit trees where the people of Rey took excursions on their holidays. It was first chosen as the capital of the country in 1785 by Aqa Mohammad Khan the founder of Qajar dynasty. Since then it has experienced enormous changes. But still in parts of the city you can find buildings constructed centuries ago which are still in use. In and around the city you can find many historical and natural attractions to enjoy. Further to many museums such as National Museum which is considered the most important museum in the country, carpet museum, Jewelry Museum, glassware museum, and many more, there are also some palaces and residents of the kings of the past which has now turned to museums. Traditional Bazaar and the old gate of Tehran are also attractions originally built more than a hundred years ago. The nature lovers can enjoy the natural resorts in the north of Tehran where the nature had not yet been damaged by the urban life.

Tehran has 4 distinct seasons, cold winters, hot and dry summers and mild springs and falls. But even in hot summers half an hour drive to the north takes you to pleasant resorts by the side of rivers where you can enjoy Iranian traditional cuisines in outdoor traditional restaurants.

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