Esfahan is undoubtedly the most beautiful city of Iran. Geographically it is located at the center of the country. Due to its outstanding beauty Iranians have given it the title "Nesfe Jahan" meaning half of the world. It was chosen as the capital at the end of 16th century during the reign of the Safavid dynasty .For more than a century the city flourished in every aspect, especially all branches of art and architecture. Today you can just pass through the city to see lots of monuments and works of architecture belonging to 17th century including many mosques, schools, bazaars, bridges and many more. The beauty of Esfahan has been doubled by river Zayandehrood crossing the city with several artistically constructed bridges over it. Another thing you should not miss is one of the most valuable architectural complexes in Iran, Naqshe Jahan square –the second largest square in the world- with its surrounding monuments. Besides its natural and architectural beauty Esfahan is famous for its handicraft. It's almost impossible not to find a work of Art from Esfahan in the house of any Iranian family. Another famous souvenir of Esfahan not to be missed is its local sweets. Travelling to Esfahan there are two things you should not forget; your camera and enough cash for buying souvenirs and handicrafts.

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